Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Country White Bread

Disaster has occurred.  My bread collapsed on me and there now is a massive sinkhole in the middle of my loaf.  I don’t know if this happened on account of the storm or if I did something wrong and the yeast rose too fast.  I have always heard that storms can affect your cooking, but if this was the price to pay for getting some snow I guess it was worth it.  We have had a long dry winter without any snow and if we don’t get some real snow soon we are going to be in some serious trouble come next summer when everything is dry and on fire.  The Country Bread for itself tastes pretty good.  The slices look ridiculous, but I guess it just goes to show that just because something or someone doesn’t look the way you think they should, doesn’t mean that they do not have their own unique flavor and style that is all their own.  Lessons for the day:  Don’t bake during a storm, double check all your measurements, and enjoy life even when it doesn’t turn out the way you expected.
“I like reality that tastes like bread.” - Jean Anouilh (1910-1987)

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