Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Honey White Bread

I shared my loaf of Honey White Bread with my sister and her family tonight.  Over the past few days I have learned quite a bit about the basics of making bread and I am getting very excited about the challenge that lies ahead of me.  I do not deny that I have not questioned if what I am attempting to do is even possible, but I believe that if we don’t give ourselves a real challenge once in a while how will ever learn to overcome the what we think is impossible?  Tomorrow is my first day of my final semester at college and my first day of student teaching.  I cannot wait to meet my new students and be a part of their education.  College has been a long and adventurous road and I must admit that it is kind of weird to think that it is about over.  Perhaps that is why I gave myself this challenge in the first place, so that I can continue learning.  Stop and think for a second of something that you are interested in learning about.  Why did you pick that topic?  What can you do to learn more about it?  What is stopping you?  As I begin my bread baking resolution I leave this challenge for you:  Find something that you have always wanted to do and begin today to take the beginning steps to achieving it.  Write it down. Post it somewhere that you will see it often. Do not give up.
 Goodnight everyone.  My loaf of Yogurt Bread is about done and I need to get some sleep before I play kick-ball at recess tomorrow.
“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” - James Beard (1903-1985)

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