Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Olive Oil Bread - Part 2

The Olive Oil bread was simply fantastic.  By the time I finally got around to finishing the loaf the biga had sat in my machine for 22 hours.  I served the bread today for lunch with chicken rigatoni with an olive oil and garlic sauce, and ceasar salad.  The power has been dimming due to the storm outside, so I am hoping my next loaf is able to finish baking properly.

Have you ever tried to talk politics with fifth graders?  Friday by far was probably one of the funniest lessons that I have every taught.  The students were all involved and many that normally didn't participate in class discussions were opening up to voice their opinions.  I remained completly neutraland tried not to suggest any favoritism toward any particular candidate.  The students asked dozens of questions about how elections work, how long presidents can stay in office, how old you have to be to vote, etc.  But the climax of the whole discussion was when one of my students called one of the candidates a "son of a bitch".  Every jaw in the class fell opened, then every student looked first toward the heckler, and then straight to me to see what I would do about it.  We simply continued the dicussion and I made the comment, "Now can you see why debates get so heated?"   Needless to say it was a rather interesting afternoon.

“Bread is a staple article of diet in theory, rather than in practice. There are few who are truly fond of bread in its simplest, most pure, and most healthful state....Is there one person in a thousand who would truly enjoy a meal of simple bread of two days old?” - William Andrus Alcott, ‘The Young House-keeper’ (1846)

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