Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

Monday, January 16, 2012

Orange Bread with White Chocolate, Apricots, and Walnuts

Ingredients:  Mandarin Orange, Orange Liquid, White Chocolate, Minced Dried Apricots, Walnuts, Butter, Bread Flour, Sugar, Gluten, Salt, and Yeast
We have a new favorite in the house!  This sweet breakfast bread was simply divine.  The mandarin orange segments spread through the entire loaf during kneading giving this bread a wonderful orange flavor surrounded by amazing pockets of walnuts, apricots, and white chocolate chips.  Needless to say it disappeared extremely fast.
I have spent a relaxing weekend at home baking, planning lessons for my students, and working on the itinerary for our Ballroom Dance Company Alaskan cruise this May.  The pictures, videos, and descriptions of Alaska are almost too much for me.  I can’t wait!
This week we are holding auditions to fill a few vacant spot on our dance team and then we will start working on our Latin medley.  This year we have selected the music from the movie “Burlesque” for our medley and I am very excited to start learning the choreography.  Several members of the team and I went and saw the show together last year and we were practically out of our seats dancing the music was so energetic.  The costumes are ready, the music is cut, and we scheduled to start Wednesday.
“Good bread is the great need in poor homes, and oftentimes the best appreciated luxury in the homes of the very rich.” - ‘A Book for A Cook’, The Pillsbury Co. (1905)

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