Panem et Circenses

Panem et Circenses

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cardamom Tea Bread

Ingredients:  Cardamom, Vegetable Oil, Egg, Buttermilk, Vanilla, Sour Cream, Sugar, Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, and Salt.

This loaf is the first bread that I have made without yeast and it has a wonderful moist texture very similar to the consistency of banana bread. The only tea that I had in the cupboard at the time was a peppermint tea and for some reason I didn't think that would go well with cardamom, so we ate this loaf by itself.  No one must have cared because it disappeared within the hour. I enjoyed this loaf so much that I am making another bread without yeast today. 

Last night my Ballroom Dance Company hosted a Valentine Gala in the Great Hall of the Hunter Conference Center.  Everyone has nicknamed it the Harry Potter room due to the suits of armor, soaring rafters, and banners that hang from the walls; too bad the portraits do not talk.  There are not many occasions to get all dressed up for an fancy event here in the country so I very much enjoyed being able to polish up and enjoy a night of grace and elegance.  Somehow when you are wearing a tuxedo with tails and a new pair of cuff-links you stand straighter and speak more elequent. 

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